The HSMC Orizon Technology Cloud


The Cloud Hosting Program offered by HSMC Orizon allows
businesses to have licensed copies of their accounting desktop software installed on servers in a remote hosting facility and access that software over the Internet on a virtual desktop via a secure connection and a web browser.

Anytime, Anywhere AccessAnytime, Anywhere Access

Because your software is located in the cloud, you can remotely access the supported desktop version of your accounting software from anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows both you and us access to real-time information for timely management of your financial resources and will enhance our service to you.

Protect Your BusinessProtect Your Business

Moving you accounting software to the HSMC
Orizon Technology Cloud automates the backup process for your data, eliminating the need for constant data backups. Our fully-secured, off-site, compliance rated data center helps prevent data loss, while password-protected connections add an extra layer of security to your information.


Stay Up-to-DateStay Up-to-Date

When we host your software in the cloud, we take care of the software updates. We only host current supported versions of most software, so switching to the HSMC Orizon Technology Cloud ensures that your software is always up-to-date.

Technology EfficienciesTechnology Efficiencies

Your business will save both time and money using a cloud environment, as your need for an on-site server and maintenance is greatly diminished, if not eliminated. When we manage the software, you will benefit by a reduction in lost productivity and being freed of the responsibility for managing desktop applications.

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