Cloud Computing

Changing the Way Businesses Use IT

Today, IT is experiencing a shift from traditional client/server architecture to one that leverages cloud computing.  Cloud computing offers many advantages to businesses: reduced capital expenditures for on premise infrastructure, improved performance, lower overhead, increased flexibility, higher availability, and anywhere/anytime access.

cloudcomputingSmall and mid-sized business leaders are increasingly making cloud services an essential component of their information technology toolkit.  While small and mid-sized businesses have the same basic IT requirement needs as larger organizations – communication, security, reliability, accessibility, storage, and desktop management – they do not have access to the same resources.  Information technology investments and operating expenses can be a significant line item for these businesses.  Cloud computing allows companies to take money out of IT and put it back into growing their business.

HSMC Orizon Technology delivers the benefit of the cloud with Microsoft applications that users, developers, IT professionals, and executives already know and trust.

Benefits and applications of cloud computing in your organization:

  • Managed services
  • Applications on demand
  • Reduced management cost
  • Access anytime & anywhere
  • Automatic Updates
  • Improved scalability
  • Increased reliability
  • Enhanced security